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Alan Johnson -- Proprietor

Economy Cruiser




This is a short trunk top version of the AJ-28.
The economy cruiser has all of the standard equipment of the basic boat and also includes the following additions and upgrades. ---- ½” foam core in hull ---- * 4 – Beckson opening side ports ---- Enclosed Head and marine toilet ---- Molded fiberglass deck hatches w/ drains ovbd ---- Windows are safety glass w/rubber gasket mounting---- Approx. 60% of interior finish is molded

The economy cruiser is just what the name implies, a boat that can be used to do some short cruising on a tight budget. It has an enclosed marine head but doesn't include a galley. The interior finish is considerably upgraded from our Basic boat; 60% of the interior finish is of the molded type and the remainder has the Veil Matt Interior finish. Two other very good upgrades are that the hull is built with ½” Core-cell foam core, and we put in safety glass windows instead of Lexan. By coring the hull it makes the hull stiffer and much quieter in choppy water. It also helps a great deal with quieting the engine noise, this is of great value for anyone cruising with this boat as hours of cruising with a noisy engine is no fun. The safety glass windows will not get hazy over the years like Lexan can.

This is a long trunk top version of the AJ-28