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Lobster and Generic Commercial Finish Boats




AJ-28 Comercial Lobsterboat
AJ Enterprises started out in 1985 as a commercial boat finishing business. Through our early years we concentrated on improving the finishes on our boats by using new techniques. Although this was an effort to get into the pleasure boat market, the quality of our commercial finish has greatly benefited over the years. By implementing these new techniques, not only can we build a beautifully finished pleasure boat, but we can also build a handsome commercial finish boat at a very attractive price. We still build a commercial lobster boat, but we can also build what we call a commercial finish generic boat at significant savings to the customer. These boats are built strictly for commercial application and do not conform to the US codes for recreational boats, and therefore can not be offered as a recreational boat substitute. These boats are every bit as structurally sound as our better finished recreational boats and they have the same exterior finish. They are only lacking in some of the safety requirements for recreational boats and in the cosmetic frills department. The boat shown in the picture below is a boat used for commercial rod & reel fishing and despite its outward appearance; it has a commercial interior finish.
We build our Commercial boats with the same hull and top molds as we do our pleasure boats, the difference is in the interior finish. The pictures below show one of the fiberglass bulkheads that we use on a lot of these boats. It has a port companionway with a plastic (King Starboard ¾ “) door and a built in recess that incorporates a gage panel. These pictures don't show the fiberglass pot hauler box that we use on our Lobsterboats but it is a standard feature on a Lobsterboat. This gives these boats a nice clean functional look, and since it is a molded component it can be left in the shiny molded finish which is very easy to clean. The wiring run coming down from the roof is not complete in the picture on the right and it is not the way we usually install them, this was done by the customer because of an internal bulkhead.
The picture below is of the aft cockpit in one of our commercial boats. It shows the diamond plate deck hatches, aft cleats and scuppers that we use on many of our commercial boats. Also of interest is the 75 gal above the floor fiberglass fuel tank with a strip left ungelcoated for a fuel level indicator. These boats all have a rolled non-skid finish.