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Molded Components




These are photos of some of the larger raw parts we use.
This is the hull mold that we use it for building the hulls on all of our boats. It is shown upside down because that is the way we store it outside. The biggest problem in storage of fiberglass molds is the UV radiation from the sun. By turning the mold over it prevents the harmful UV from affecting the interior finish of the mold.
This is a mold we use to make the floors in our Economy Cruisers and Lobster Yachts. This particular mold is for the floor with no step, we use a short engine box and the floor is the same height from the transom to the steering bulkhead. We also have a mold that has a 5” step in the floor at the back of the house.
Here are two other component molds for the head liner in the cuddy cabin and the helm station roof. We have over sixty different component molds, ran ranging from the hull and top to a variety of small parts for trimming out the boats.
The pictures below demonstrate how the molded components are used to make the individual bulkheads and other interior construction.