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Alan Johnson -- Proprietor

Molded Finish
This picture illustrates what we refer to as a “Molded Finish” whether it is interior or exterior. All of our boats have a smooth shiny molded finish on the exterior surfaces of the hull and top, this is the way they come out of the mold. Since the mold surface is smooth and shiny, that is transferred directly to the finished part on the side toward the mold, which is the exterior of the hull and top. The outside of a part that is built in a mold has a rough fiberglass finish and it involves a lot of time and effort to bring this surface up to the smooth finish of the inside. We have our choice when we construct a part mold which side we want shiny, but sometimes we need both sides shiny. This is a major reason for the additional cost of the highly finished interiors. In addition to the hulls and tops we have many molds for interior parts and those parts will have this finish.